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Industry Events

VWR participates in industry events across the globe by exhibiting on the show floor. These events are strategical aligned with both our customers and our portfolio of product and services solutions that we deliver.

2017 Conference Meeting Dates Location VWR Presenting Brand
DCAT Week 2017 March 20–23 New York City VWR
National Association of Educational Procurement Annual Meeting (NEAP) March 26–29 Reno, NV VWR
National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) March 30–April 2, 2017 Los Angeles, CA Ward's Science
Elevate Conference 2017 May 15–18 Orlando, FL VWR
BIO International Convention (BIO) June 19–22 San Diego, CA VWR
National Association of Scientific Materials Managers (NAOSMM) July 30–August 4 Green Bay, WI VWR
National Association of Histology (NSH) Sept 15–20 Orlando, FL VWR
Science Teachers Association New York State (STANYS) November 4–6 Rochester, NY Ward's Science
Advancement of Science Teaching (CAST) November 9–11 Houston, TX Ward's Science
Association of Cell Biology (ASCB) Dec 2–6 Philadelphia, PA VWR

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